STAYQUIT - The proven way to stop smoking for good

It's based on established methodology and NetDoctor's experience of running a smoking cessation programme for the last five years.

Choose from:
  • a 90-day programme with a seven day preparation period
  • an intensive instant quit programme
    if you want to quit today.

Both provide tasks and information via email to guide you through your quit.

We'll also check your progress every week, while daily calculators track
days of life and money saved, and
cigarettes not smoked.

    Step 1: Answer the questions below
How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
How long do you wait before you smoke
your first cigarette?
Choose the statement you agree with most:
Smoking is bad for my health
Quitting will help others I care about to give up or not smoke
Smoking makes me feel dirty
My dependence on smoking makes me feel Im not in control
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